Gut Therapy Course:

Gut Therapy Course: The 4 R’s of Gut Therapy:
Remove, Restore, Repair, Replace.

A value of $9,999 USD! for just $995
  • Full 3 months
  • Cover each of the 4 R’s of gut therapy in detail
  • We work one on one with you for your constitution 
  • Weekly meetings for feedback, questions, and monitoring 
  • Weekly phone consults
  • Personal diet plan
  • Personal herbs
  • Personal supplements
  • Personal sustainability plan
  • Progress monitored continuously
  • Progress altered if necessary
  • Community sharing with other participants 
  • Celebrate your results with others!
  • Improved digestion
  • Get clearer skin
  • Get rid of gas
  • Lose weight
  • Gain weight
  • Get rid of IBS
  • Get rid of flatulence
  • Improve your sleep
  • Get rid of headaches
  • Seal your gut
  • Remove inflammation 
  • Heal your intestinal walls
  • Strengthen your microvilli
  • Heal your inner skin
  • Clean your liver
  • Remove gallbladder sludge
  • Renew your organs
  • Feel younger
  • Look healthier
  • Get your high energy levels back!

All Disease Begins in the Gut!

Eighty percent of your immune system originates in your gut.  This complex ecosystem of life is comprised of microscopic microbes that are known as gut flora.  These little creatures absorb nutrients on a micro level, remit harmful bacteria, and act as the front-line defense for your immunity.  They are naturally present at birth and grow exponentially as long as they well-nourished and left alone to function.  They maintain healthy levels of healthy gut bacteria while preventing overgrowth of bad bacteria just as candida, yeasts, parasites, worms, and food borne illnesses.  Without them, your entire body would eventually collapse into multiple systemic chronic disease patterns.  Most Americans today have compromised levels of good gut bacteria, and this is the # 1 cause of disease in America.  All disease begins in the gut. 

Anything that your gut cannot digests ends up as inflammation, arthritis and allergies.  Undigested food goes into the bloodstream and your body interprets this as an invader.  An allergy is now born.  Undigested food sometimes follows the path of being lodged in your joints.  Arthritis is born.  Over time, this debris festers and bacteria feed off it.  Toxins are emitted throughout the body.  Your body perceives this debris as an infection Acute inflammation is born.  Acute inflammation turns into chronic inflammation until the debris is eradicated from its original cause.  

With limited gut microbes, most Americans are at risk for various chronic diseases.  And this is just the beginning.  Your gut microbes are responsible for so much more including growing bones, supplementing high energy levels, removing acne, keeping weight under control, low blood pressure, and a healthy heart; to name a few.

How Western Medicine Harms Your Gut

A close cousin of this problem is limited stomach acid to digest food and feed the process of re-birthing healthy gut flora.  Stomach acid comprises of hydrochloric acid, pancreatic enzymes, and bile.  The three of those items encompass your digestive fire.  If there is weakness in any component, the entire chain suffers.  Digestive fire is what absorbs your fats, proteins, and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.  Without digestive fire your nutrients go into the toilet.  You are what you digest, not what you eat. Most Americans have depleted digestive fire due to lifestyle, medication, and inconsistent eating habits.

Antibiotics are the Gateway Drug

Antibiotics are the gateway drugs because they lead to a host of additional problems.  They destroy all of your beneficial gut bacteria. Even one round of light antibiotics do enough damage for the individual to require reinoculation. 

Antacids are the most potent killer available in the drug industry today.  They virtually deplete the human being of all digestive fire, which is required to function and process food normally.  It is incredible the amount of marketing promotion that goes into antacids by the pharmaceutical industry.  People are getting sicker and sicker from antacids.  They are basically against your much needed stomach acid.  They prevent absorption of vitamins and minerals; basically, killing the individual before they actually die. The reason they are widespread today is because they allegedly mask the unwanted symptom of acute heartburn.  However, they are also the source of chronic heartburn. They are deadly; their science goes against the very design of the human body.

What You Can Do About It​

The 4 R’s of Gut Therapy: Remove, Restore, Repair, Replace

In my therapy program, you will work one on one with me and as part of a group to get to the root cause of your issue.  A firm emphasis is placed on the root, since Jesus said to curse the fig tree from the root.  The fig tree represents any problem in our life.  Your gut is the root of all ancillary health in your body.  It is your front-line defense and immune system.  We will work together in order to remove all harmful bacteria, foods, and toxins from your gut and blood.  Then we will boost your immunity quickly by restoring your gut microbes with an onslaught of fermented food and other forms of flora.  Next, we will address your gut wall barrier and intestinal microvilli.  We will intensively repair your gut wall, closing the gap of leaky gut.  Finally, I will educate you on what to replace your diet and supplements with according to your unique body constitution.  

The course takes 90 days in total, but results are noticed within days. Each step is an incredible incremental boost to the previous and the results are immediate, because your immune system responds in real time to what you are doing to it.  It doesn’t take long to get your health back; everything is internally available.  You will be feeling much better long before the program is over.  We have structured it to be 3 months to ensure sustained long-term, permanent recovery from all symptoms – not just partial healing.  We are serious about complete recovery and cross the finish line with our participants.  Don’t live another day with a compromised gut. These 3 months will be one of the best investment in yourself you could ever make.

Please email us below and let us know you are interested.  Our team will reply back to register you and answer any questions you may have,  We are so exited for your journey to abundant health.  We welcome all questions.

With God All Things Are Possible.​

-Matthew 19:26

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