"I’ve grown fond of Geeta Chopra over the years through her work at Central New Jersey Network. Geeta has a unique and refreshing perspective on life, which I’m sure will delight the readers of her new book."
George McCullough
Executive Director
Princeton Television Network
“Geeta is an amazing woman of God fully confident in who she is in Christ. You will be immediately engaged as you read and learn how you too can walk in the Love, Grace, mercy, and the excellence of Jesus Christ. ”
Linda M. Morrison
National Prayer Director & Former President
Prayer and Crisis Referral Network
"Geeta is spirit-driven and has a zeal to help others get close to God, while she shares her own journey with others and helps others build relationships and hope. "
Pastor Tray Jenkins
Lead Pastor
Co-Founder, PowerHouse Church
I have had the honor of working with Geeta Chopra at the Mordecai Mission, a Christian based organization. In doing so I have truly been inspired by both her wisdom and commitment. I’m most honored to truthfully say she’s both a friend and ally that models integrity and truly can be trusted in all matters of influence; a quality that is so needed in our nation today
Pastor William Green
President and Founder, Mordecai Mission
"Geeta is a distinguished Woman of God who has the gift of inspiring believers and non-believers by using God’s written word (The Bible) to encourage, motivate, heal and uplift women at every stage and phase of their life. "
Tay Walker
YWCA Princeton, New Jersey
“Geeta is very inspirational, and her writings have the ability to help Christians get to from where they are to where they want to be.”
Pam Pollard​
National Committeewoman, Oklahoma Republican National Committee ​
"Geeta is an inspiration by the teaching of the Word of God. It has been a pleasure to see her love for Christ in all that she puts her heart and mind to and to see her love for others in helping them in their walk with the Lord. "
Eva Jenkins
Licensed marriage and Family Therapist
Co-Founder, PowerHouse Church
"I can't wait to find out more. Geeta was a guest on our live program. Her story and her inspiration to write this book is, well.. inspiring. I can't wait to see what's next from this Sister in Christ."
Mark Prasek
"Geeta through her powerful testimony shows how Jesus as our Savior attaches himself to us in our baptism where nothing can separate us from the love of God. Geeta shows the power of the unconditional promise of the gospel where since Jesus is risen my sins are forgiven."
Reverend Ricky Phillips
Guest Chaplain US Senate March 2010
Representing Pennsylvania
Geeta is a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a Defender of the Faith! I have found Geeta to be a passionate believer, who loves to share the hope and truth of Jesus that she has within her, to whomever the Holy Spirit brings along her path. She is a vibrant woman of God who is being used powerfully to share His love and truth of the Gospel, through her Webcasts, Blogs and now in print. I know that God is going to use her even more powerfully, as He expands her territory through these and other vehicles. It is a blessing to know Geeta as my great friend and co-laborer in the Kingdom.
Pastor Joanne Radke
Manager of Prayer Centre Ministries
The 700 Club Canada
We The People
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With God All Things Are Possible.​

-Matthew 19:26

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